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Zelmerlow & Björkman Invitational 2019

by Flora

Last tuesday was a big and important day for Zerlmerlöw & Björkman Foundation. After a morning spent at SALK tennis for a tournament with tennis pro players for the foundation, Hamburger Börs in Stockholm welcomed the gala. Of course, Måns performed with his band and Jonas joined the entertainment too. Magdalena Jennståll, general secretary, and Kasper Skarrie also went on stage and Rachel, a student from Kenswed Academy opened the gala with Måns, with Walk With Me. Carola, Mariette, Tingsek and Stefan Odelberg also came as support artists! Thanks to the tournament, the auctions, donations and lottery, the foundation raised 4,1 millions swedish crowns in one day!! A lot of money « will go, among other things, to bulding a vocational university so that we can make sure that every child we help, will get the support he or she needs all the way into work and supporting herself and her family. » (Måns’ words on Instagram). Education is the key to a lot of young people to achieve their dreams and biggest projects in life! Keep supporting the foundation, give the best Christmas gift you can make: donate.

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