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The video of Måns’ new single, ONE, is out today ! Måns chatted with fans on YouTube while waiting and discovering the video! (see Q&A below).

The video has been made in ONE take that means, with no cuts! It has been shot in Djugården, Stockholm, at the end of October. Swedish autumn with this colour of the leaves added to faster speed record make a magical video to go with Måns’ voice and new single while keeping simplicity and nature. We love it! Feel free to share.

At this occasion, Måns was live on YouTube for a Q&A. Find here ALL his answers to the questions that have been asked.

SirAxis : Which song is the best about being happy ?

Måns : I have many, but the best ones are sad… 😀


Mzwprojects_poland : How long did it take to shoot ONE video ?

Måns : It took one afternoon. It’s actually a One-take, meaning there are no cuts. It takes as long as a normal video though as everything needs to be right in that one take.

Mzwdaily : Congrats for the new date for the Wonderland Show ! How excited are you ? Redo ?

Måns : I am SO happy that all of the shows and I KNOW its gonna be a great show. Still some more rehearsing to do… but soon !


Saki Ka : Are you ever going to come to Finland ?

Måns : I really want to come back to Finland and I can almost guarantee that it will happen in the spring !


Berengloren : When will the dates for another European Tour be available ?

Måns : I don’t know yet, but hopefully before new year.


Kerstin : Is Germany also in your tour list ???

Måns : I’m sure it will be !


Mzwprojects_poland : Can’t wait for the European dates !! If there will be Poland I can give you my word that we’ll make it unforgetable

Måns : There will ALWAYS be Poland ! 😀


Patrycia Pajor : Hello from Poland ! Can’t wait for the clip to drop !

Måns : Hi Patrycia Pajor. Neither I can. Hope you like. Its quite artsy…


Ivan S. : Mans, congratulations on your new album. It’s really great. My favourite song is Careless. I hope you’ll come to Serbia. Hälsingar fran Serbien !

Måns : Thank you very much ! I love it too. My faves are One and Something to You. And On My Way..


Måns : So which one should be the next single after One ?

A looot of On My Way came as answers. Also, U&I and Careless.

Måns : I’m leaning towards On My Way for the next single and video.

Måns : Wow, I didn’t realise you liked U&I that much !


Måns : Ok, next question. Which video is the best one so far ?

The ones which came several times were Better Now, Happyland, Should’ve gone home.

Måns : My favourite video is still Should’ve gone home, even though Happyland is up there as well !


Berengloren : How did you manage to sing backwards in Should’ve Gone Home ?

Måns : It was quite tricky, I had to learn the entire chorus backwards…


Mzwprojects_poland : Who always come up with ideas for music video ? Is it you or someone from the staff ?

Måns : More often, we get a couple of ideas from different producers and in some cases I come up with something.


Mzwdaily : how did you choose where to shoot One videoclip ?

Måns : We were supposed to be outside of Stockholm originally but we needed the light and the right colour leaves and Djugården turned out to be perfect…


Saki Ka : How tall are you ?

Måns : 😀  I’m 180. (ndlr : Not true haha 😀 Oops)


Ivan S. : I forgot to say that Grow Up To Be You is the most beautiful and sincere song and every father and son can find themselves in those lyrics. Thank you for that.

Måns : Thank you Ivan ! I love it too.


SirAxis : Will you ever have a ‘funko pop’ version of yourself ?

Måns : What is a Funko Pop version ???


Mzwprojects_poland : Have you recorded any songs which weren’t suitable for the new album and got rejected ?

Måns : MANY. I think we ended up with around 70 songs for this album. Probs even more.


Adél Simon : Will you come to Hungary on your next tour ?

Måns : if you make sure One is a massive hit in Hungary, I’ll be there !


Berengloren : Will you perform/participate in ESC 2020 one way or another here in the Netherlands ?

Måns : haha I’ll probably be there as SOMETHING.


Mzwprojects_poland : OMG so many ! Would be good to hear them in the future ! Still wainting for for the release of Perfectly Damaged (ndlr : not the album, a song is called like this a wasn’t on the album) .

Måns : I really want to release both that one and Children of Tomorrow somehow.


Samara1925 : Did you know that ONE rang in on the most representative radio station ‘Los 40’ ?? It was fantastic !!! Spain loves you Mans ! <3 😊

Måns : Yes I heard and I’m so thankful to everyone who made that happen ! Hopefully i twill keep growing in Spain. Would love to come back and play !


Then, itw as 12 :00, time for the clip to drop on YouTube.


Måns : HERE WE GO !!!!

Måns : How ewciting !!!!

Måns : Director is my friend Robin Ehlde, who also produce Chevaleresk, Broken Parts & Run For Your Life.

Måns : It is a one take, yes !

Måns : Do you like it ?

Then a lot of ‘LOVE’ appeared on screen :p

SirAxis : I mean the speed of it when you were filming was 1.25 speed or something ?

Måns : Recorded 40% faster to make it more magical.

Måns : Thanks everyone for hanging out with me today !!! Keep listening to the album, watching the video and I’ll hope I’ll see you in your country soon !

Måns : And feel free to share !!



It was amazing to share the release of the new videoclip both with Måns and other fans! Thank you sooooo much Måns ! Let’s do that again, please! <3

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