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Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation new project in Kenya!

by Flora

Hi everybody ! I hope this very beginning of 2018 is very good for you all! Sorry, I’m a little late posting this new, I’m sick for a few days and it’s hard to focus on my computer. whatever, here is an excellent new project!


Måns’ foundation revealed a new project for 2018. Together with Sophie Lööf Foundation, they’re building a « Home of Heath & Babies » in Nairobi, Kenya, closed to Kenswed Academy, the university the foundation is related to.

It will help pregnant women to provide prenatal and antenatal care but also general care to everybody and sexual education to youth. In the future, the foundations aim to open a maternity for mothers and their babies.


Sophie met Måns during the last cruise Måns did on September. She seized the opportunity and talked to him about this maternity center. The first thing Måns said was « yes ».

The center will be built very closed to the Kenswed Academy in order to help students to provide health cares. Even if in Nairobi, there are health care, it is very complicated for the population to go there. This « health house » will be a big chance for many women and people there.

Swedish midwives are interested in this project and they will be volunteers as soon as the Kenyan center will open. Moreover, Sophie Lööf thinks they will be able to built an operating room to do caesarean sections.


You can be involved in this project too… You can donate to Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation. Check out this page for more information. 

sources: svt.selooffoundation.org

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