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Måns & Wiberg weekend at Bokmässan

by Flora

All the weekend, Måns & Wiberg attended Bokmässan, Göteborg bookfair, to promote their book Den Moderna Gentlemannen inspired by their tv show and podcast Chevaleresk. They met people for two signing sessions and also gave some conferences and interviews for media. And as every place always is good enough for music, Måns performed at Bokmässan on friday night!

Here is a recap in photos and videos of all the weekend.

During the presentation of Den Moderna Gentlemannen, Måns & Wiberg talked about the end of the book, a tribute to Albert, Måns’ son and Wiberg’s godson. You can read an article about it on Expressen where Måns is saying that they « sat there on a Monday night over a glass of wine and cried together » while writing for Albie.


videos/pictures: @a.wiberg – @robinehlde – @bokmassan – @bokfabriken – @thomasaziz

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