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Måns Zelmerlöw and Per Andersson have been successful with the show « Tomten & Bocken – A kind of Christmas show » at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm which has been sold out fast. Exceptional times require exceptional creativity and so the idea for the unique Christmas show was born. 

Now that the show can no longer be played at the Hamburger Börs due to new restrictions in Sweden because of the pandemic, more people are instead given the opportunity to experience the show thanks to an unique online event on 16 December. Tickets will be released today, November 30

The online event will be an experience with the opportunity to control which camera angle you want to look from, follow backstage and chat with Måns and Per. The audience thus gets very close to the artists and can design the experience in a completely new way.

Many have heard of it and asked if it is possible to see Tomten & Bocken at a distance and we of course want to give the opportunity to do so and therefore we have now arranged an online event of the show, where Per and I hang out with those who watch. It’s like a digital Christmas party. With the online event, we have the opportunity to spread joy and Christmas spirit to all those who now in pandemic times did not have the opportunity to see the show at Hamburger Börs. It feels incredibly nice. says Måns Zelmerlöw.

 It will be very exciting to show for an audience that watches from their living room and we will make sure that those who sit at home on the sofas feel at least as involved as if they were in place. It will be an experience beyond the ordinary, crazy fun – says Per Andersson.

The show airs on December 16. Tickets will be released today, November 30! More information is available at Showtic.se/showticTV


Text based on Helene Wigren / PR & BEYOND press release.

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