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Win ‘Den Moderna Gentlemannen’, Måns & Wiberg’s book

by Flora

On September 24, Måns & Wiberg released their book, Den Moderna Gentlemannen, and thanks to Bokfabriken, here is your chance to get your own copy!


To participate, follow us on Instagram, like this postcomment it and tag 2 friends. You have until saturday, October 6th to participate. Each participant will be associated with a number and the winner will be chosen by drawing lots on October 7th . Those who share the post will be associated with 2 numbers to see their chance to win doubled.

The giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will be contacted on October 7th . By participating, you agree to share your Instagram account and your name in a post on mzwdaily Instagram. 


EDIT: OCTOBER 7th : Congratulations to @manszelmerlow_poland who wins the book !!



Den Moderna Gentlemannen is the result of a blog, then a tv show called Chevaleresk and even a podcast. Måns, the artist, & Wiberg, the style expert, team up once again in this book which aims to answer questions regarding how to be a true gentleman. Among pictures and tutorials, Måns & Wiberg confide in all who want to read their thoughts how to think and live as a modern gentleman. The book is for everybody – even for women as its about lifestyle ! – but mainly for men.

The book contains 4 sections (and a bonus section dedicated to Albert) and helps its readers to understand how to be a gentleman on their « inside », their « outside » and also with their habits, their daily routine and their thoughts. The book also focus on various times Måns & Wiberg spent shooting the second season of Chevaleresk.

It’s touching to be a part of a personnal adventure Måns & Wiberg lived through Chevaleresk, through their strong friendship and also through the recent birth of Albert, Måns & Wiberg’s son and godson, to who they wrote an open letter at the end of the book.


The book is a really beautiful one. Hard cover with golden letters and sober picture in black & white on it fit the theme very well! For everyone who loves Chevaleresk, fashion, lifestyle, and/or Måns & Wiberg, this book is for you ! 🙂

Buy the book on chevaleresk.se . Thanks again to Bokfabriken who lets me launch this giveaway ! Good luck everyone with the giveaway and I hope you’ll like reading the book !



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