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Win your ticket for Måns’ concert in Hörby!

by Flora

On September 22 in Hörby, Skåne, Sweden, Måns will be back with Zappanone on stage (check the article about it here)! Less than one month before the release of his album, this concert will be the opportunity for Måns to play new songs for the first time, a special premiere for the audience!

Thanks to @mumsmansmum1 on Instagram who gives her ticket away, mzwdaily offers you the chance to win your ticket to attend this special gig! All you have to do is to MAKE A DONATION to Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation!

  1. On Instagram, use the button « donate » via mzwdaily story (or saved story « GIVEAWAY HÖRBY »), then follow the instructions  – donate the amount of your choice!
  2. Follow mzwdaily, zbfoundation and manszelmerlow on Instagram.
  3. Comment the GIVEAWAY POST tagging friends!

/!\ Make sure mzwdaily knows that you have donated (email mzwdaily@gmail.com or send DM on Instagram!)


  1. Donate via zbfoundation.se – Swish, Paypal or bank transfer.
  2. Send an email to mzwdaily@gmail.com with the email confirmation after you have made your donation.
  3. Don’t forget to give your name and email – to be contacted if you are the winner!

Participations are opened until September 18th. The winner will be announced by drawing lots.

Conditions: You must be +18. – The giveway doesn’t cover transport to Hörby and/or accomodation. The winner will receive some advice (if he wants!) for accomodation and organisation as I am going too! – By participating, you allow mzwdaily to publish your name on Instagram and on manszerlmerlowdaily.com – The winner will receive an e-mail with his e-ticket to access the concert in Hörby on September 22 at 18:00 CET.



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