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Media in Sweden – After ‘You Decide’ and ‘Happyland’ promo !

by Flora

The next morning after You Decide, Måns gave an interview to SVT (Sweden) to talk about his first impression after the show. I have an anecdote about this report. When I was waiting for ‘You Decide’, a journalist came to interview Eurovision fans that were waiting for the show. When I heard questions about Måns I had to know for which media it will be… You know, for putting the news here! Then, I talked a little with the journalist and when he understood I was French, and here to support Måns, he wanted me to talk. So, me and a friend Månster talked to SVT and I’m kind of proud to be a part of the report about Måns! As the video only is available on SVT.SE, here a little preview you can watch clicking here.


Friday, February 10th, was a big day! The Happyland video clip was released and Måns was Nyhestmorgon’s guest on TV4. Here is the full video of the interview.

(I’ll try to translate it all in English as soon as possible!)

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