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Måns launches his own Cava: Hola MZ Cava by Måns Zelmerlöw – a dry, crisp and fruity Cava that is both organic and vegan. As of Feb. 10, the Cava will be available in Systembolaget’s order assortment.

Launching a Cava was an obvious choice for Måns, as Spain is his great source of inspiration when it comes to both food and wine. For a while, Måns lived parttime in Barcelona where he spent a lot of time writing music and enjoying the culture, the weather, the relaxed lifestyle and the people. In Spain, his already great interest in food and drink developed even further.

– After a few weeks in Barcelona, I began finding my way to restaurants that the locals went to, and I had my first “real” tapas experiences. We would sit there for hours and order dish after dish, drinking Cava late into the night and just enjoying ourselves. With an enormous love for Barcelona in particular, as well as its surrounding nature, I find it incredibly exciting to have had the opportunity to create a Cava together with Hermansson & Co and the producer Barcelona Brands S.L, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

Cava is made with same traditional method used to produce champagne in France, which means the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. In Spain there are six regions that produce Cava, and the grapes used are Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo. Barcelona Brands S.L is a renowned wine producer with a focus on origin, craftsmanship and sustainability. The vines in Penedes grow some 500 meters above sea level and the grapes are harvested by hand.

Vegan and organic brut Hola MZ Cava by Måns Zelmerlöw combines the freshness of white fruits, such as apple, pear and citrus, with a finely tuned toasty bread scent that is a result of the Cava resting on lees for 18 months. The Cava has a rich mousse with persistent bubbles. Hola MZ Cava by Måns Zelmerlöw is a brut with a sugar content of only 9.2 g/l that is both organic and vegan. The Cava may be enjoyed as it is, with or without food, but is best served at 5-6 degrees C as a social drink or paired with seafood dishes.

– Working with Måns has been incredibly fun. We knew of his connection to Spain but were really impressed by his knowledge and interest in both food and wine. Putting your signature on a wine is a commitment, and this is a complex, delicious and tasty Cava that represents Måns’s Barcelona, says Malin Lindberg, Senior Brand Manager at Hermansson & Co.


Hola MZ Cava by Måns Zelmerlöw (no. 50260) costs SEK 99 and is available in Systembolaget’s order assortment.

I am extremely happy with my Cava. It is absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, not too dry,
and it goes well with almost everything, whether as a social drink or paired with a feast,
Måns concludes.


Text from PR&BEYOND press release.



But I have to ask how you thought about the name, how could you not choose Cava Mia ?
– Hahaha, I have not even thought about that. That was a shame. Cara Mia may not be the song that is closest to my heart anymore, but it’s a very good name I agree with. It may be another cava later, then I promise it will be called Cava Mia . The name is otherwise very uncomplicated, the vineyard is called Hola and my name is MZ.

Where does your interest in food and drink come from?
– I have eaten and drunk a lot, that’s it. But the interest in cooking came only when I got a family. The interest in drinks has been there for a long time, and we have, among other things, run wine tastings in the tour bus during our European tours.


In a previous interview , we teased you because it was in a press release for your latest record that you « participated » and wrote basically all the songs. How much have you « participated » during the production of your own cava? 
– It’s clear I have not been so hands on, much because it has not been possible to go down to Barcelona so much, but I have drunk a lot of cava from the region and tried a taste that is all-round and suitable for everything. dry and not too sweet, which makes it a perfect meal drink, it is great for steamed cod for example.

You were very early in the paddle trend, and got it right with the result in hand. Do you think there is a new cavaboom going on?
– I actually think so! I think we’re heading out of a prosecco trend and into a cava trend now. Since my paddle prediction went home, I believe just as much in my cava prediction.

Do you have any good stock tips?  
– Haha of course. I strongly believe in Subtech on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Måns Zelmerlöw is also currently the host of the final of the Melodifestivalen, which kicks off on 13 March. 

Do you have any stable tips on who will win the Melodifestivalen this year?  
– I have not heard all the contributions yet, but only those that have been sent. But according to the preliminary talk, Tusse is doing well, I think he will be dangerous!


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