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Måns about to make his acting debut in Jordskott!

by Flora

GREAT NEWS! Måns is making his acting debut on Jordskott on December 3rd as Henrik Riksäter, a trafficker of Stockholm. Henrik has to deal with his jet set life since him and his wife Åsa became the parents of a baby girl. But something’s wrong with their daughter and besides his anxiety problems due to his daughter, Henrik suffers from lack of sleep. Soon, their way will meet Eva Thörnblad’s one. As a reminder, Jordskott is a tv drama series aired on SVT1 in Sweden in which a detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter’s disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case. Måns’ play is in episode 7 and it will be aired on November 26th.



Henrik Björn tells that they « met each other in various occasions and have already told about Måns’interest in acting. When we started to work on season 2, I immediately thought about Måns for this character but it won’t be favouritism. He had to pass a casting as everyone else. […] The scene that Måns received was pretty long because I wanted to strain him and he succeeded. I think he appreciated that we didn’t label him as « a pop star » and nothing else. The main challenge was that the guy is very nice and we had to let his beard grew and add dark rings under his eyes. […] It was really fun to work with him, he’s reactive and professional. I guess there will be more roles for Måns in the near future. »


Måns on Jordskott

Måns on set for Jordskott – credits: SVT Johan-Carl Paulin

Måns also expressed himself about his acting debut on the drama that is inspired by the scandinavian mythology. « First of all, it was awosme to be a part of this very professional team, with this very good scenario and with talented people behind and in front of the camera. It was easy to work with them since the start. It was my first role as an actor but I received a lot of support from the director, Henrik Björn, and the other actors. […] I heard about Jordskott before but I hadn’t seen it. However, I knew that it found its andience and had a true fandom, even aboard. I also know that the series introduced strange elements. Then, I read the script and I liked it immediately. Now, I know what is about and I love Jordskott universe. […] Even if I knew the scene, I was obviously nervous. But the ambiance was welcoming and when « ACTION » was said, I forgot about the fact I was nervous. […] There is something really exciting going into another universe and getting into role. Don’t be yourself everytime is pretty nice. I really appreciated that. I’m ok to greave the palm of Henrik for him to cast me on season 3! »


And to help us wait until the episode, here a sneak peek of the episode with Måns’ appearance.


Sources: ExpressenSVTTVkoll

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