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Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]

by Flora

As it has been announced earlier this fall, Måns is a part of new Jordskott season. And yesturday was the day. I also have some new sneak peeks to share with you, thanks to Jordskott official Instagram account, SVT and photographer Carl Paulin.

Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]Jordskott – Season 2, Episode 7. [SPOILER ALERT]

As it was told before, Måns is playing Henrik, a young father who suffers from sleep deprivation and anxiety since his strange and sick daughter was born…

For fans who don’t speak swedish (as I am, sadly) I tried to translate swedish subtitles to you. So, if you haven’t see yet or if you prefer waiting for an english, french (or whatever you want) version, don’t read what’s come below… SPOILERS.

The main Måns’ scene is when Eva Thörnblad, Jordskott’s main character comes to Henrik and Åsa’s to ask them some questions. Here is a first translation… I haven’t any doubt english version will be way better than mine…

Eva: Eva Thörnblad, Stockholm Police. Can I come in?

Henrik: Sixième étage.

Eva: Thank you.

Now, the scene takes place in Henrik and Åsa’s appartment. 

Henrik: Åsa? Åsa? La Police est ici.

Eva comes in the appartment.

Eva: Hello. I just got some questions.

Åsa: I recognise you. You came to neonatal.

Eva: I owe you an apology and I’m sorry but it’s urgent. It’s about a nurse at the hospital. (showing a picture)

Åsa: Do you recognise her?

Henrik: Zara Norrbacka? Yes, I do.

Eva: Did she take care of your daughter?

Henrik: Yes.

Åsa: What did she do?

Eva: Nothing about what you know so far but she left. We follow every single lead we have. Can you tell me something?

Henrik: It has been a very difficult birth. Olivia was born sick and she immediatly went to intensive treatment.

Åsa: I even didn’t see her before.

Henrik: These days are bluring ones. I remember that Zara seemed experienced besides her young age.

Eva: Anything else? Nothing?

Åsa: She gave us advices. Follow me. (They walk in the appartment to Olivia’s room.) She told us to put green foliage near Olivia. It should be good for her oxygen ingestion. Zara was persuasive.

Henrik: This one seems to be one hundred years old. (camera shows a plant in the room). Olivia already had it in neonatal. The smell seems to calm her down.

Eva: Thank you for your time. As I told you, it was just an intempt…


The last scene in which Måns took a part explains that the baby is like the forest child… who won her chance to be a part of a beloved family after she survived.

What did you think about Måns’ acting debut? I think Henrik and his family is a new plot to follow for Jordskott. The series always is focusing on victims or missing people, but Olivia, this strange baby related to the mysterious forest events.

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