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Eurovision – Måns wins British’s hearts hosting ‘You Decide’.

by Flora

The reason why I’m late updating the website is because I attented ‘Eurovision You Decide’ last wednesday. Måns shined on stage and regarding to the reactions on Twitter, his prestation was very appreciated. Twitter shared his joke about Brexit a lot. « You have to vote, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the result afterwords » *sneezing* « Brexit« . Here’s an article about it and the video or here .


To open the show, Måns shared an ABBA medley with Lucie Jones, the 2017 winner of You Decide.

Do you remember when Måns was shooting in Brighton back in January? During You Decide, we finally saw the result of this shooting day. Måns enjoys visiting Brighton for the first time. You nailed it, it’s very funny.



The night ended with the winning of SuRie with her song « Storms ». SuRie will be the UK entry. Break a leg in Lisbon in May 12th !

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