Home Music « ALONE ON CHRISTMAS EVE » – Måns’ new single is here!

« ALONE ON CHRISTMAS EVE » – Måns’ new single is here!

by Flora

Alone on Christmas Eve is Måns’ new single. While Tomten & Bocken is about to premiere next week, Måns gives us an early Christmas gift with this new song. « Alone On Christmas Eve » is written by Måns Zelmerlöw with Tobias Stenkjaer, Theo Kylin and Robert Jallinder. The song is produced by Fredrik Sonefors and Peter Zimny is playing the saxophone.

The song is an outstretched hand to anyone who is forced to celebrate Christmas alone this year. A hopeful greeting that everything will hopefully be as usual soon. I loved it from the first listen ! – says Måns. 


source: PR & Beyond 

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